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Must Haves in our opinion
These are just our top 17 fav's - don't forget to check out the drop down tabs for more finds we love.

Nothing is more frustrating than hauling around items you THOUGHT you needed, but never used upon arrival to your destination(s).

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This pocket size charging powerhouse that comes in the color blue also. We, no lie, use this every day when we are traveling. Sadly even at the hotel or home when over seas. It is invaluable to us. You won't be disappointed. 

It can charge TWO phones at once and if that has not wowed you, it has a built in USB cord to recharge itself! Those in the android clan will be even more wowed as it has a built in charging cord for you. - iPhone haters. We still call it our favorite.

I am actually getting two more this week. Never leave home without them.

Okay not a MUST but they are nice and we use them A LOT.

I must confess, I bought these as I was finishing up with a new laptop purchase at the Apple Store. I just threw them in thinking they were around $100. When I found out I paid over $200 (2017), I was shocked! After using them on a consistent basis with OUT aching ears, Siri a quick tap to ask a question or pause the audio, I have utterly fallen in love with them. The sound quality is amazing and who is tired of obnoxious tangled cords?

 These will spoil you and if you don't splurge on items, you may reconsider on this one. Plus when you are around your family full time, at least one of you needs to tune out every so often.



Hydroflasks are great but sadly we need to leave them behind due to their weight.

This is my go to for a more structured water bottle that can take the shape better opposed to a plastic bladder type. Both have their pros and cons.  Bottom line - choose one and stay hydrated!

After grabbing the best headphones on the market - protect them! I love the waterproof/ shock proof version with a clip.

The case is the charging base so protecting it is important. 


If only we had found this life saver traveling through 14 different countries. One of the nuisances of being over seas is the battle of the plug. From the converter falling out of the wall and having to prop it just to get it to STAY in the socket by various methods is a huge waste of effort.


Solutions like this offered by Apple are much appreciated.

 Plus it is very packable which is always a bonus.    


 We always without fail lock our backpack zippers even when traveling with them in the overhead storage. I know, I know, it may sound neurotic. I don't want anyone slipping anything in my bag as I am distracted during security and taking it out again once through security. Apparently this happens although odds are it will never happen to you. We are continually pushing weight limits and if checked, then you are set to go with a lock already on the bag.

I finally found a natural method that my kids LOVE the taste and is super packable. These tiny grape tablets they chew 1 to 2 right before bed. It seriously works like a charm. .

These a a great affordable option we use regularly on budget flights. With little hands and low dexterity, this design has been better for less spills. Bring them along on day outings or in the car. You will be surprised how long they last for cheap plastic. Packs of 4 for $8 - YES PLEASE!


In the beginning of our Gap Year I was totally against neck pillows. I thought of them as bulky, unnecessary, and awkwardly ugly. That is until we broke down and got two for the begging children on the road.  This one is so much better than the first neck pillows purchased.  Bonus it has a string to attach to your bag easily. For long flights, trains, or bud rides you won't be sorry you packed it!


You would be shocked just how much this bag can hold.I love that it is deep and opens up like a suitcase but yet I can throw it on my back. With the amount of toiletries and extras we tend to carry jumping to a 46 liter size from the standard 40 liter saved the day. Extra protection on the sidewalls too. 

Great purchase and Osprey comes with a solid warrantee standing behind every product sold - even off Amazon!

Family Travel Wallet - if you plan to keep your stuff all in one spot and organized you need something like this. We have a very similar one they have discontinued I swear by. No idea why it is not sold anymore because it is one of our best purchases. I have 11.5"  travel wallet on order for my son from Dakine I will update my thoughts. It is way too stressful to get through customs, security, boarding gates without a system. This tool will be your friend.

Traveling with prescriptions and over the counter medications are critical that you keep them in your personal item or carry on luggage. Yes they can get stolen in checked luggage. We found that out after some anti seizure medication went missing in our ONE BAG which was unlocked & checked. Long story- I was in a rush. I didn't have the extra medication in one spot. This foldable pill holder is used daily in our home STILL! Keeps everything organized and visible. Just keep letters from your doctor to be safe or the labels from the bottles. We have never been asked to show either. 


Originally I ran across these in New Zealand and snagged them up for a great price. They work amazing. Not one has leaked and when close to empty it does not take up the space a normal travel tube would. I love the squeeze ability - no more shaking out the last drop. Suction cups on the back hold well to a shower wall too. BONUS! 

This is the one and only handheld  travel scale we have ever used. I can not speak for other brands but this guy has never failed us. It is always right on the money with weight and compact taking up little space. I just throw it in our laptop bag after finding out we will be needing to have angels among us getting through the ticket booth without asking us to place our bags on the scale. On strict airlines we use it to redistribute weight ahead of time. 

Many Colors for this water resistant day pack and IT FOLDS INTO A POCKET WHEN NOT IN USE! We use this on practically every day for exploring the area. It is perfect for holding snacks, water bottles, and sometimes the IoGrapher designed for  iPhone 7/8 plus for video footage. It is still holding up and no signs of wear at the seams at all. I'm impressed. It has been through about 11 solid month of use added up over time. 

While traveling through China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, and Thailand this small straw gave us piece of mind. We typically purchased bottled water but did use it a few times.  In the case of emergency, I would have been grateful for it.

I HAVE NOT owned this pillow in particular, but I would have purchased it upon reading reviews. We picked up ours in Thailand.

There is no doubt about needing to protect your resources of cash and credit while abroad. Pick pocketing is an actual thing in many countries including certain cities in the US. This is a simple fix. My husband has been so hooked on this wallet he STILL uses it at home. I would have loved one of these as a college kid going out at night. Eliminates the need to put your ID and debit card in your bra ;) l. Fits discreetly in a skirt, pants, or shorts. You would be shocked how many items fit in this gadget.  It is certainly one of our fav's. 

Those were just our top 17 .

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