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Just Imagine

         The Possibility

Techie Things we 

either can't  live without or we just use the crap out of because we love them.

I'm not a techie person even though I DO use these. I won't so I won't pretend to know about this stuff. Read the Amazon reviews yourself to see if they are a good fit. These are the top favs of our family for sure.

Below are the clickable links for reviews and purchase. Enjoy!

Top of the line Photography Gear with great tripod options to capture travel moments otherwise lost by ManFrotto. You cant go wrong with this brand.

Top Pic for Driving in Rentals or RV Road Trip

Want guaranteed bluetooth capabilities in rental cars? This has been our saving grace for listening to own music, audiobooks, and handsfree calling.

When in a car or motorhome without a blue tooth option available, you will be loving this.


 Who doesn't like hand picked roadtrip music anyhow? Super Simple - Super Cheap.

Yes, light and packable.