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New Zealand

Considering the South Island? Want to pick the brain of a PRO?

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Ahhhh New Zealand, you are often mistaken to be associated as a off shoot of Australia and even left off the world map at time. Such a shame for one of the most incredible counties most will never see. Why do most never see you? Because you are so freaking far away from most of us. Oh and you are expensive to travel to, much less leave from! Regardless of your rough patch making it on the map, you deserve more, MUCH more. If you have been to either island you hear what I am saying. THIS PLACE IS IT PEOPLE.


This place is what drove the final nail in the coffin with a huge YES, we do in fact need to take our kids on a travel adventure even if it is just to one country - New Zealand. It's THAT GOOD folks. This place is perfect for families so if you want to head far far away, speak english, and have the most eye opening nature while breathing the best of air you must visit NZ. 

Don't believe me? Prove me wrong and go. Until now take a look at these pictures.





teaser: It.Was.Incredible

We have SO much to share about our passion and love for this country.  Our two months back and forth seeing much of the North and South in an RV will make your head spin with wonder if there really is a place that beautiful on this earth.

It truly has IT ALL in our eyes.

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