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         The Possibility


If you have ever wanted a taste of the over border and don't mind only spending a maximum of 6 to 8 hours in each area a Mexican Riviera Cruise is a viable option. There are also some great deals to be found if you have the right person helping you. (we know a guy who knows a guy...but you can know him too) Okay - he is just a good travel agent for cruising and he can help you!

 We actually met him on our 22 night Transpacific Cruise to Australia.

To connect with him go here for his business site. here



Don't be a Dumb@$$ -pardon my French as this is the Mexico page.

But seriously... If everyone followed the Dept of State Travel advisory or believed each person when they say "oh I wouldn't feel safe there". Well none of us would likely travel. We also wouldn't be able to de-bunk the myths of the fear based info.

For this particular location I WILL, and you will rarely hear me say this, advise you to be cautious as this is currently considered one of the most dangerous places to visit statistically.  Weird right?! This is more recent so just be educated. 

If you want to go just Go! But do so with common sense. It's that simple. 

Yes there is danger, EVERYWHERE when you look for it.

There are safe and not so safe sections just as in your own city.

Would you hang out in the more risky parts of your town, partying and stumble home? If so please stop, use common sense. At home and in a foreign country, listen to your instincts. There are also certain things you should plan ahead of time with your family in the case of health emergency, natural disaster, or accident. After that is really just keeping your wits about you.

Have fun but be smart. 


Puerto Vallarta