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Sushi and Lost Go-Pro.  This was our introduction to some of the kindest people we have ever encountered at an airport.

Our experience with Japan is a short one but worth the mentioning. We had a layover and transfer in Tokyo from one airport to another. The moment we hit the ground we felt the love. Having traveled from its colder neighbor Beijing, let me tell you it was a drastic shift in vibes. Imagine two tired adults gearing up for the next leg which happened to be 12 hours long and leaving their GoPro mindlessly in the seat pocket on the plan before exiting. Needless to say there were many people who made a sincere effort to help us. Their culture exibits grace, bowes, and kind smiles. We never did have the GoPro returned to us (thanks cleaning crew), but the staff at the airport was stellar none the less. We did what anyone would do, drowned our sadness by stuffing our face with this amazing dish...




Not exactly your typical airport food. It was honestly the BEST tasting sushi ever. Crazy right?! In terms of places to go and things to do in Japan, well outside of an airport transfer I have no idea but that won't keep us from passing on info we investigated for you after the fact. We can not WAIT to return for a legit visit.  The short time we were there proved to us this country is worth a trip back ASAP.


Looking forward to what research we found on Japan?

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