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Just Imagine

         The Possibility


Sneak Peak Below for...



Umbria Region 

Cinque Terre 

Country Side Umbria

Medieval  Villages 

Style we see when we think of Milan

Hiccups along the way....

...and kind locals who rescue us

Later in the day ended up at the wrong Childrens Hospital for a broken arm. Cancer patients stepped in calling an ambulance for our son. Humbling moment and love filled the space we stood.

This country has wrapped its arms around us.

So how much did it set us back?

The kicker.... 

Balance Due $0.00

"I'm sorry what, I have travelers insurance?" 

Lady at Desk,

"In Italy, Free for Traveler" smiles at me

"K, wow....Grazie?"

-confused self

This and much more that wowed us having a craving to return. We will be blogging on other to moments such as:

Spotlighting Bucket List

places like:

Cinque Terra - Veranzza 

And historical sites like.. 

Gubbio in Umbria and the

Race of the Candles 

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Gelato - Monuments - Best Cafes

Watch for upcoming blog posts on all of these and more. Better yet just let us TELL YOU when we have a new post to help you with your travel plans.

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