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Practical Travel Clothing
for Men

For the Fashionable Males, take it down a notch.

As much as I love a grown man dressed like a GROWN MAN, it isn't always so feasible on the road.  If traveling through Asia and in high humidity, or South America where you might as well wear a sign screaming "wealthy foreigner feel free to rob me" tone down the GQ look. Oh and yes, you are wealthy in the terms that you can afford a smart phone, food for the week, and have more than one pair of shoes. In fact you are wealthier than likely 70% of the world statistically - don't hold me to the percentage, you get my point. 

Yes, folks in the eyes of many foreigners, this picture is of you and your homies at last Novembers polo match. Don't be a target

Dear Sir, I spent all my money and assets to see your country. I am not rich, I beg of you to not take advantage

of my wanderlust heart.

No matter how much you try to convey you are middle class working citizens , they see you as royalty in some places. Sometimes that is a good thing and other times you will be looked upon as a bank, swindled- or stole from.  For the most part everyone you will come in contact with are good hearted people. It also feels good to contribute a higher wage or tip to assist a working family.  Be kind and generous and aware that there is always a bad apple in every orchard, so have your wits about you. 


This relates to how you dress .In certain places around the world try to not flaunt your new Apple Watch, expensive jewelry, and keep your cash on you to the limit you need for the day. Even if it is for the pure avoidance of your own stupidity leaving it behind. (true story we did loose a wallet full of cash before getting one that clips to the waistline. - you're welcome Cambodia)


In short - keep it simple, keep it functional, and have one thing you like for special nights out.  Many men are thrilled to hear this. Women tend to have a harder time letting go of packing a look for every occasion.

It sounds painful at first but in reality it can be  liberating really.


You will want your guy to stick to comfort and practicality.  Please do not take that comment above regarding the norm for South America. You can, and will, be pick pocketed anywhere there is crime if you flaunt and are not being aware of your surroundings...even at home. 

For you are fortunate enough to have planned a trip away from your home country for an extended period of time take the time to plan ahead. Make sure to invest in a few high quality pieces to keep the comfort level up, and the body temperature as close to pleasant as possible, and the packing light. 

So how do I do that and what is worth the money when buying good travel clothes?


Like everything, it varies. For us we went with the brand Icebreaker for t-shirts, Katmandu for shorts and Merrell for boots. That is not to say there are not many more lines out there doing the same thing. So shop around and see what fits your style and budget. The theme is just to embrace the idea that spending more on a few outfits is better than taking more of lesser quality. You want a fabric that will dry easily when hanging on a shower curtain to a tree branch. You want breathable fabric if in hot humid climates, and a good base layer for colder weather. We went with IceBreaker for the best merino wool for hot summer days. It did so amazing, but didn't hold up for more than a few months of continual wear.  For $70 a shirt I anticipated a bit more. But we do hear merino wool is your best friend for warmth base layers so we will be giving them another chance for winter wear.

We were both utterly impressed with Merrell though. No lie - mort comfortable boots and when they say water proof, they MEAN it.

Most comfortable waterproof boots around in my husbands opinion are the Merrell Telluride.  My womans version held up to walking in 4 inches of ocean water grabbing my son and not a drop on my socks!

You will want these if backpacking through New Zealand especially.

We have a few other must have items for men when packing.

If you are in need of suggestions or have a question certainly reach out!