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Just Imagine

         The Possibility


Packing Dilemmas to Solutions

for women

Can you really travel long term, comfortable, yet affordable with a little bit of style? 

The answer is YES! 

If you are on a shoe string budget and hell bent on looking like you have picked up a fashion magazine in the last decade, keep reading.

First understand there will be things you must let go of. Things such as a hang up on 

re-wearing the same outfit again, and again. (gasp). 

Lets face it, we do that art home without really intending to. Please tell me I'm not the only one.


Because we always choose that favorite piece that lays perfectly on the hips, flattering, and an easy go to. Meanwhile your closet if overflowing with other options you wear every once in a while. We humans do funny things as creatures of habit. 


So don't get all up in your head about only bringing a small amount of clothes. You will be doing the same thing as back home, just without the closet of clothes to manage.

The solution to feel like you are wearing different outfits are to mix it up a bit with accessories, swapping shirts, hats/scarfs. You get what I am saying. Just stick to basic colors and mix up outfits.  After you finish devouring this blog, head over to this article on how to utilize a few pieces that turn in to multiple outfits. 

I won't get into how to dress because fashion and trends are, lets face it, kinda a thing of the past for me. You get older, your focus changes. I get by, but I certainly am not who people look to for whats what in the latest trends by a long shot. My point is - purchase what feels right to you that you can switch up with other pieces. Not only so you don't go crazy thinking you wear the same thing each day, but for the weather or a night time verses daytime beachy wear.  THINK BASIC - THINK COMFORT - THINK PACKABLE AND WASHABLE. 


Also don't forget your lifestyle will change it your are gone for long periods of travel.  If you find yourself in Asia for months at a time, you will see now affordable it is to grab a few things here and there to spice those boring outfits up. Or if you are like me, you end up in the most comfortable elephant pants that 6 months previous you wouldn't be caught dead in. Travel changes you. It's not a bad thing... roll with it.

This is what I originally packed (hut hmm, yes I packeted too much) 

See the theme of basic colors that can be interchangeable. Many are from J.Crew which I love.  I am still wearing my most comfortable black off the shoulder swimsuit after 10 months of almost daily wear. #thankyoujcrew

...and yes, I did have to ditch 20% of this right before entering our 4 months stay in six countries through Asia. We shopped a bit in Europe but not much. This got me through 10 months with no issues other than my own demise of gaining some weight eating on a "vacation mindset" at the table or out for the evening. So bring some elastic waistbands if you think you fall into this category of thinking. You can hit it hard again back home so enjoy this moment if thats your thing.


Plus, you may not have the food selection you are accustom to. Be open to accepting a little weight gain for the time being.

Now if you are still with me on this particular section of the article  it is clear you are in fact a woman. If it is okay with you I share something a bit personal?


I struggled to find a solution to the "no tampons" in Asia deal. I will say I had no idea many countries you  were not available to purchase anything other than OB tampons and pads.  It was not until reading an article days before leaving Australia to spend 4 months in Asia did I know of this.  LIKE NO REAL TAMPONS?!! Not to mention living in a swimsuit by the beach.  So I ventured into foreign territories, had an open mind, and tried out this.... 

can we get a little  personal for a sec?

This is one of those things you are glad you put the time into the learning curve. It is also a bloody nightmare in the beginning figuring it out. Pardon the pun. Let me just put it bluntly, if you are not okay with seeing all your accumulated blood resting peacefully in a mini bowl, this isn't going to be a solution for you.

Start browsing Youtube methods of folding and placement.

Once you get the hang of it that little cup will be your BFF on the road. 

 My main suggestion is to get the "post baby size"

even if you have had a C-section.

I didn't order the post baby size and

question my thought process during ordering.

 I had 5 babies all cesarian and I feel like I should have listened :). 

I will be checking out the larger size by next month. 

 I am so over taking up space with tampons from the US or seeking them out in other countries only to run around not finding much of anything I am accustom to.

Problem solved!