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Just Imagine

         The Possibility


This China trip will always be dear to my heart because it was the first international trip my husband and I took together.By visited in  October  the weather felt wonderful and a great time to enjoy the climate out exploring for the days we were there. The overcast skies never did rain down on us but it made for such perfect lighting to capture Bejing in all of its unique beauty.


The culture itself had a weight of sadness if you will,  but there are so many places to explore and take part in just walking around it is still a must see on the list.  If there was any country we didn't feel we could truly have the feeling of connection with the locals, it was here. Possibly we were not there long enough to understand it, but it was a bit gloomy and much more difficult in terms of the language barrier than most places.  

Looking forward to writing more about out experience and tips for the Great Wall and other places we visited while there. Stay tuned.

Question: . Have you seen the documentary on Netflix all on China? Very informative to relax and watch with anyone you may be traveling with there. 




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