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Car Rental - Car Hire

Have you ever noticed when price shopping for a rental car prices can vary like CRAZY! Same car, same benefits, but two drastically different rates?


 We have stuck with this 3rd party booking site over two years for a few reasons:

1. Most the time you can book for little to no deposit to hold a reservation and if renting in the US we have found there is never a charge to cancel before pickup. In Europe we had to cancel a month long rental and was charged $50 but after chatting online with them they worked with us and gave out a credit on our next booking.


2. The past two years we have loved them! Check it out an book below to save the most.  


3.We have not found any reputable place that saves us as much. Check it out an book below to save the most.  


As any 3rd party rental agency they offer insurance. What many people forget it to check before paying for insurance is check on any credit card companies you use.  See what type of benefits they can offer for you. Some have free car rental coverage. SCORE!


Find out prior to booking because some credit card companies will cover you for free but with certain restrictions on locations, and length of time if a long period.

We love Rentalcars.com so much this is specifically who we sought out requesting to partner with.  We appreciate you booking from the link below off our site to help support bringing you and others deals as we seek more to share. Don't forget to get the inside scoop and subscribe to hear the latest.