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Just Imagine

         The Possibility

Our Story

Hi I'm Heather, I'm a travel junkie.
Two short years ago we were a hot mess,
but something changed...

l will never forget the moment when I actually took a look at my life, and realized it was a shit show. 

How's that for honesty...

It was 2015 our oldest had just left home, in an angry exit I might add, our marriage was nothing more than passing in the hall and handing off duties. The sad truth is these events leading up to our breaking point  are not that uncommon to many families. One spouse working over 40 hours a week while the other lives in the car as a taxi driver shuffling kids around to various events.  In short we were simultaneously living in chaos yet sleepwalking through life.

Oh, and both of us were 45+ pounds overweight. Sound familiar? 

Welcome to middle-age, middle class, raising kids in the "American Dream". 


It's no wonder so many marriages fail through the dark ages of the relationship 15 plus years into it . While everything looks good on paper (or Instagram) it's enough to make a sane person run for the hills. Don't believe me, just sit down with three people you know that have an ounce of self-awareness and see how hot their life has been going,


We just don't have the time or the energy for things we use to, and our families most often take one for the team before other less valuable causes. It you have the time to work daily on a relationship count yourself lucky. Maybe you just lack the energy to emotional invest. Maybe you don't even care because it is just one more thing to deal with, or fail at. So you close your eyes, and simple check out of what really matters.  

We get it, we have been there.

Thankfully our story didn't end there. It was only the beginning and things were about to get good,

                REAL GOOD.

Our physical & mental transformation ...





Although there were many events that contributed and even prepared us to escape the toxic cycle we had going on. There are a few that made the biggest impact on salvaging a marriage and opening doors to a life of passion and purpose.

Two major contributing factors which prepared us for world travel

First, we got healthy. Now I'm not saying we became vegan, did daily yoga, and you certainly wouldn't have found me in a bikini. We did however both loose about 40 pounds each, gained mental clarity, a complete transformation in mood and excitement for life again. The energy we felt was astounding, it was like living as a 20 year old again.

If that wasn't enough, many of our previous ailments were lessened if not totally disappeared. 

It was The Shizzz let me tell you! And easy peasy for the massive result we both got within a few months.

Thank goodness for science based nutrition or who knows where we would be.

Want to know the deets?  Just ask.

We believe everyone should have the chance to live their fullest life, and suffering isn't cool. 

If you want a hook up for overall health and more energy, see the link at the bottom of this page.

Second, with a new lease on life and energy of a 20 year old, we took two separate 10 day trips overseas, alone! Pretty big deal for two people that could take or leave date night two months prior.  We began to rewrite what our 40's would look like. Intentional living, together, embracing life, in love. Hence Re Writing 40 was born.

It was during those trips we knew we wanted our kids to experience MORE than what we had previously offered them. Not only more out of life through experiences but more time with those that loved them most, us.  Pure uninterrupted family time away from all distractions.  

But how....?

When you want something bad enough, and focus on it long enough, some pretty mind blowing things can go your way.

No one is exclusive to these rights. When you change your mindset, your life will start to enter "the shift" as we like to call it. Shifting into your best self, limitless thinking, and a mind hungry for growth.

This is where those crazy serendipity moments begin to happen.

Change your Thinking, Change Your World. At least that is what we discovered. 


So with that, welcome to a little piece of 'our world' through this travel blog. Our mission is to bring value to YOUR future adventures and help those of you who are looking for something different out of life through experiences rather than things.

We want to share with you the affordability of travel when done properly, and effectively. We commit to you that our recommendations will always be inline with an honest opinion and experience. This applies to products we have used to travel with and love. We will also steer you clear from our failed purchases. Trust me, we have made a lot of purchase mistakes while preparing our trip and we are here to share with you what worked, and what didn't. Heads up there are a lot of "didn't works" in our shopping cart in the past. So thank you for using our links provided. 

Hang with us and we will keep it real, keep it fun, and keep you guessing what ridiculous thing we have up our sleeve next. Life is a wild ride, we would love to force ourselves into vunerability and share it with you.. 

So lets get cracken!

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Happy Travels!

Sidebar - Curious about our transformation, wondering if it's all we claim? 

If you are looking for the same results in a short time with a simplified approach here is what we used and can't wait to return home to get these products in our bellies.  After our year on the road eating out and not monitoring anything in our lifestyle, we brought back more than we started with UGH! . Click on Find out More to get you set up for success. Not only is it legit 100% pure awesomeness, it is 100% money back guarantee if you don't agree. I can walk you through any questions so don't be shy.


It's not for everyone, but it is everything to many of us who need help in the mood, energy, and weight management. 


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