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Just Imagine

         The Possibility

22 Day Transpacific Cruise 

Honolulu - Maui - Fiji - Vanuatu - New Caledonia 

Have you ever wanted to just show up for a 3 week party with everything planned for you and the kids?

 From prepared food, activities, entertainment, and amazing day trips, Royal Caribbean has you covered.

Hold on a minute... are you telling me you are not into being 'stuck' on a ship for 22 days? Yeahhh, that was my first thought too. Living on the sea with 3 thousand of your closest new friends sound overwhelming? That was honestly my top concern when signing my life away purchasing our tickets for six people.

I'm hear to tell you it was amazing. This isn't your booze cruise 3 day trip to Mexico, it is a completely different set of people. Yes they drink, yes there are some crazy nights if you seek them out but the majority of the ship are middle to upper class business owners, families, and retirees. The staff, food, entertainment were all spectacular but the people were our FAVORITE part of crossing the pacific ocean. To this day we still keep in contact with many and have formed, what we hope, as life long friends.  

If you are looking for more info or planning a similar cruise soon, great news! We actually have a hook up with a friend who really knows his stuff about booking cruises. Of course he does this free for you through his career.  Ironically we met him on this specific cruise the post is about. Super nice, super easy to relate to, you will love him.  Reach out to us for his contact info.

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